September 10, 2008

SL talk for AWC

Today I'm presenting a talk about Second Life for the local chapter for Association for Women in Communication.

Second Life is great, but wow, rather time consuming I'm always reminded while putting this presentation together with so many different programs open at once.

The one thing that struck me the most while putting this together is that there are now 150 virtual reality places for children, tweens, and teens that are either live, being tested, or in development. And it's still hard for me to convince adults to inhabit SL.


angela said...

Hope your talk went well! =)

Blake said...
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Blake said...

This is a great blog. A perfect blend of politics, parenting and technology.

I'm in Denver and attended Barack Obama's speech at Invesco Field. The spectacle was tremendous. Good times.

Speaking of parenting and technology, telecom giant Qwest just launched a podcast series focused on parenting tips and online safety in virtual worlds like Second Life.

It's called The Incredible Podcast.

You can find it on, Vimeo, and AOL Video, as well as and

Check it out. It does a really good job of bridging the gap between parents and kids immersed in an increasingly digital world.