October 31, 2008

Halloween Legos

In the spirit of combining high tech and parenting, here's an interesting site for making Legos celebrate Halloween.
Standard LED lights fit into the heads of Lego guys. You have to carve out their eyes and mouth to get the light to shine through. Cool

October 29, 2008

Pie Pumpkins

We were out a pumpkin farm a few weeks ago. The farm grows pumpkins that turn into the canned pumpkins that Libby sells. I was surprised how different the pumpkins are than the ones we associate with Halloween. These are very light orange, almost white. They are cylindrical in shape, not stout and round.

We were able to take a few home. So I will be fascinated to taste how they turn into a pumpkin pie at home.

In the fall, when the weather is beautiful, sometimes it's more fun to be outside, enjoy the weather, rather than think of anything high tech.