June 27, 2007

Politics, then off to Club Penguin and kids media stuff

Matt Drudge was pontificating on his Sunday night radio show that he thinks Hilary Clinton is going to win the 2008 Presidential election. I hope it's too early to make such predictions. But perhaps Drudge has lots of contact ready to spill even more beans about the unsavory Clintons. He would relish exposing more of the Clintons' weaknesses.

Hilary does not appeal to me. Her position: "I'm a woman so all women should vote for me" is crass and perhaps a form of blackmailing. Anyway, women who have used that kind of thing previously don't necessarily help women out.

The New York Times has a front page piece on how younger voters seem to be more inclined to vote Democratic. I wonder what kind of impact that could have? Maybe more candidates in Second Life.

In response to two recent commentors. First, thanks for commenting!

We have had a few family dinner table conversations about why Club Penguin may not have worked for GDAEman. We have found that it's pretty easy to get conversations started if you first start talking to others. Or penguins will say "1,2,3 for a girl like me" Then others type in 123 and the penguins start talking.

When you log onto a server, go to one of the busiest servers if you're new to CP. That way you know there will be a lot of penguins. Try out different areas. Go to the pizza parlor and ask to be served pizza. Using their imagination and some cool pizza throwing moves, a penguin will come over. Also, get a tour from a Tour Guide. This is a good way to get around. Read the newspaper to see what's happening.

Club Penguin's newspaper has become a must read in our house. We know the exact date a new edition comes out and it's opened first thing in the morning, usually before breakfast. If only the regular media could figure out how to get kids so fascinated with regular newspapers. Maybe they should start reprinting CP's newspaper. Also, CP is fine for a seven-year-old, in my opinion, as long as that child can write and understand what's happening in CP.

Also thanks to anonymous for mentioning commonsensemedia.org. I have seen it, in fact I get its regular emails. I find it quite refreshing as it seems to take the media and parenting seriously, but doesn't take a conservative approach. Sometimes all the details about some of the charcters' actions seems excessive, but I can appreciate it. It's worth checking out. Looks like it has an article about CP, Webkinz, etc.

We recently saw Surf's Up, which was a sweet movie. The commonsensemedia review was pretty fair, fairer than some of the more mainstream critics. If you like surfing, you'll probably really like Surf's Up. And if you've been spending hours with Club Penguin, you'll probably like it, too.