February 01, 2008

Snow Day

A huge snowstorm has blasted into the Midwest covering every blemish of mud with a soft, sandy snow. It's like someone went overboard and dumped 7 inches of granulated sugar everywhere. Sometimes it seems rather sad to shovel the snow when it's so beautiful. But responsibility takes over. We know we have to get out of the driveway sooner or later, even though right now the whole town is hunkered down because no one can go anywhere, except for the snow plows and those with all-wheel drive who are desperate to get out.

I haven't been posting a lot lately. During December, the exuberant madness of holiday events always seems to be overwhelming. And then my mother came for a visit at Christmas, the first time in years. So I had to clean up years worth of dust. I bought new furniture over the internet, at homedecorators.com and homedecoratorsoutlet.com. Then I had to put it together, which was more fun than I thought. I still have two pieces for my office I have yet to put together. So far I have been happy with the quality. It's better than anything I could buy around here. Also everything was delivered by the UPS guy, who got to know us pretty well. Consequently, we didn't have to rent a truck. Buying furniture this way has turned out great.

Another reason I haven't posted is that the primary elections have just been too much. ( I know GDAEman is probably upset that I haven't posted about the elections.) I keep thinking I should start a separate blog with my political ideas, as that doesn't seem what this blog is totally about.

Anyway, my main problem is that I cannot understand how so many people can be supporting Hillary Clinton. The more I think about it, the less I can comprehend it. I have read about too many women who are supporting Hillary because they want to see a woman elected president in their lifetime. They feel that their generation of women (i.e. Baby Boomers who believe they are entitled to everything) has conquered everything else, so it's time to climb the mountain and do the presidency, too. They completely neglect that she is running for president because she has gotten this far with help from her husband. I don't see how living in the White House qualifies anyone for 'experience.' How many women out there can jump into their husband's job on 'Day One'? I feel like I am watching a puzzling conundrum.

I think Barack Obama has some kind of sensibility that makes him a motivating leader that can really help lead the U.S. into a better future.

And yet, what will happen if Obama doesn't win the nomination?

But, I continue to remain hopeful that the U.S. can emerge better than it is now, no matter who leads.