December 20, 2008

Ice storm = no internet, no cable!

The massive ice storm during the last two days caused our internet to go down and consequently our cable connection. That was certainly not as bad as no heat or electricity, but it did make for an interesting day.

This was a tough day to be a kid or a mom in our house, but not a low tech dad. It was hard to be a kid because Friday was the beginning of the Club Penguin holiday party, which has been highly anticipated in our house. So it was a kid technology withdrawal day. When friends called, kids couldn't talk about being on Club Penguin because only the one with the internet could hang out, virtually. It wasn't quite the same even though they were both hanging out on the phone.

Most of the day was devoted to staying warm and then going outside to de-ice the driveway and sidewalk and picking up the many branches that fell. That's what always happens during a storm -- too much energy goes into handling the storm. Still, school was cancelled and all of us were at home and no one wanted to go very far away from a yard.

Instead, we made penguin cookies, worked on our Christmas cards, played Wii games, and read. I made a great kale and white bean soup that was a hit (even tho everyone agreed it didn't look quite that great).

The cable and internet went on a little during the day, then zipped off again. Finally, late in the evening the tech stuff went on. We were happy bunnies!