September 04, 2008

Rollercoaster rider

Did you notice that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter was always holding onto her boyfriend in every photo shot at the RNC on Wednesday night? She looked like she was on a roller coaster rider and didn't want to let go.

Here's more observations from my post on -- what a cool site!As I heard Palin's speech, I was struck by the meanness of her tone. What began as spunk turned into "snarky attacks," to quote the Blogher woman on CNN. My husband was particularly turned off by her attack mode with jabs we felt were below the belt punches.

Does anyone really think that Palin's husband is going to move to Washington, D.C. full time? He's a champion snowmobiler, racing since the early 1990s. He needs snow and lots of it. Will he keep his jobs, too, as he has while she's governor of Alaska, because "they need the money"?

Also, to the above commentator, parents are frequently held responsible for their teen children actions. For example, many laws send parents to jail, or fine them, for having under-age drinking at their house, even if the parents are away. Parents of pregnant teens can strongly urge their children to marry, whereas it's harder to do that for those over 18. (Unfortunately, most of the early marriages don't work. Ask Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, etc.) Parents are often legally held accountable... for a variety of kids' actions.

Here's an interesting discussion by self-described "politically incorrect rights" on pregnant teens. I can only imagine how many other red state of minds are debating this. And here's a post from the Guttmacher Institute: Family planning clinics would prevent 1.4 million unplanned pregnancy including reduce teen pregnancies 20 percent.

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