February 22, 2007

Returning to High Tech Parent blog.

Well, I decided to come back and try this again. I am still interested in parenting, children, and related high-tech gadgets.

And we are still into Legos. But this time my son is now 7 and able to put together the Star Wars Lego sets pretty much on his own. I showed him how to sort out the pices into bowls and am convincing him that it's easier to work on a table than on the floor.

He also recently put together a SpongeBob Lego set from his cousins, as shown above. You can see the Lego versions of Spongebob, Patrick, and the snail, Gary. This was harder to put together than I thought because of the roundness of its shape and so many pieces are orange. Oh, the thing we assembled is SpongeBob's pineapple home. We like all interior decorating inside. He even has a basketball hoop.

What is it about SpongeBob that seems so attractive to kids? Is it his eternal optimism? The brightness of the colors? The bigness of his face? (studies show that children respond to large faces, which is why Scooby-Do and many others have bigger heads than their bodies, proportionately.) I think some of the jokes are still kind of funny.


Amy said...

We are a huge LEGO house, too. Matthew really likes to take a cookie sheet to dump all the pieces from a new kit onto when he wants to work on the floor. Just a suggestion! (Amy of Creative Mom Podcast)

jadegreen said...

Great idea to use a cookie sheet. I hadn't thought of that. Any idea to organize Legos is welcome.