November 14, 2003

more on those tattoo bandages

We were using a Toy Story bandage today which is supposed to be waterproof. They are really rather awkward to work with. You peel the top so the bottom sticks to your body. This goes against every other kind of bandage you've ever used. They can be waterproof as long as they stay on. But they don't always stay on so well. Maybe they are really more of a tattoo style thing.

What does seem to work, if and when you need it, is that new bandage-less goop. Great on finger cuts! Older adults and children like it. But the advanced medicine does stain white furniture purple. However, I am not great at getting out bad stains. Perhaps another aspect of high tech parenting -- figuring out what cleaners work, which ones are dangerous, which ones are just superfluous.

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