November 14, 2003


I am putting together a Legos Star Wars toy this morning. Legos used to be about creativity -- take these little blocks and make them into something interesting. Now they are about following directions. It's more like model-making. That's a fine skill, but it's not as creative. It's harder these days to find a set of simple Lego blocks not associated with some kind of model or pop culture tie-in.

The Star Wars toys are particularly appealing to kids younger than the box stated age of 6 and above. But that forces parents to put together these rather complicated sets. We lost the directions, too, so I had to look at the box. I am getting better at this. I am not sure if these model-style Legos are a case of good high tech toys. Yes, there is inherent value in learning how to put together small pieces and follow directions. But they also tend to fall apart very easily. Legos used to seem like a sturdy toy to me. Now they seem to be a toy ready to fall apart. Maybe that's the appeal -- kids are always putting them back together.

MegaBlocks are an interesting variation. They tend to be more on castles and adventure stories. They also have intricate little blocks.

I am looking forward to the day when I get to play with my child's Lego director's set. Of course, I haven't bought this yet. But it looks like a cool way to try to be a film director.

Well, it's back to Luke's adventures with the drones.

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