November 04, 2008

Elementary Students Voting

Yesterday (Monday, Nov. 3), elementary students across the country had their own voting experience. Studies Weekly and Woogi World set up a safe way for students to vote in class on the Internet for the Democrat and Republican choice for President. This press release explains a few more details.

"We have no AARP to lobby for us. We have not voice at all," explains kids talking to one of the President's advisor in the TV series "West Wing." The clip is shown on the Woogi World page explaining the benefits of why it's important to get children at least interested in the election process. It's a stirring clip when you think about how much children are effected by the government and how little a voice they have in what happens to them.

According to the children's reports from yesterday's votes, Obama won over McCain in a similar electoral college vote split that has been predicting for the last month or so. This gives some credence to the polls, but who knows? The weather is beautiful, but the lines are supposed to be long.

Children have been fascinated by this election along with their parents. It's been in the news for nearly two years, so if their parents talk at all about current events, the presidential and local elections have to be in the conversation mix. Obama's young daughters have also probably drawn in elementary school children.

I'm glad that there are processes this year for kids to have a way to vote. I've always thought that this is one of the greatest social studies lessons for school kids. And it's an interesting intersection of high tech and teaching.

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