February 06, 2008

It's nicer to be on the winning side

After we vote here, we get a small oval sticker that says "I Voted" with a flag underneath. I noticed that many people were wearing them as we shopped the bargains early Tuesday morning. They are a kind of badge of honor.

Yet, they look a lot like those stickers that say "I Gave Blood." During the last several years, voting has seemed somewhat like giving blood, putting your hopes and principles into a small black circle with all the pain and dismal frustration that goes into such a decision. Especially when you realize that you'll probably loose. I got queasy every time I looked at the sticker, as I faint around blood easily. (obviously I never had a future in medicine)

But yesterday the voters in my school district passed both a referendum and a .1 tax increase to improve the schools, build new ones, and improve security. I worked a little on promoting a Yes vote. So I feel pretty good that both parts passed. My son is in one of the test classrooms and is thrilled about the Smart Board connected to a computer. The kids seem to respond to it extremely well. The complete overhaul of the classroom has contributed tremendously to a better learning environment.

I hate that taxes have to go up, but I think that investing in the future through children and schools is necessary.

Barack Obama also won my state. Yeah! I worked on helping get on the vote for him, too.

I am thrilled that for once my hopes and beliefs aligned with the greater community.

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GDAEman said...

That's a nice feeling, isn't it? The sense of hope is crucial. Glad you've experienced it recently.