June 19, 2007

confusion about parenting instincts

All I can say tonight is that one should always trust one's parenting instinct. Unfortunately, I didn't quite trust that. Or I trusted lots of other people who I thought were experts. Okay, I'm sure mad because now we have a child with a fractured lower arm. And we knew which ortho doctor to go to this time because DH had a fractured wrist two winters ago. That, in itself, was somewhat embarassing or frustrating.

So now we go on to Plan B for the summer. Which I guess is okay.

Club Penguin is really quite cooling and cool and so I guess we are going to be spending more time on that, too. It seems to change every week or so with new games, new characters. Check out YouTube and some of the RockHopper videos (here's another one) to see the frenzy when RockHopper the Pirate Penguin hops into Club Penguin world every 2 1/2 months or so. The Penguins go into a frenzy around him.
Kids can get obsessed with Club Penguin. But I think it has lots of good aspects. More girls seem to be playing on Club Penguin perhaps, in part, because it's quite verbal and requires writing. But boys like the game playing parts and are just as intrigued by the collecting aspect.

There are even rumors that Sony might be interested in Club Penguin, which had 4.5 million visitors. Perhaps News Corp. is interested, too. Curiously, ClubPenguin is stickier than YouTube.

We have also opened up the Diner Dash game box. The game for PC's seems to be a time-wasting, but good diversion.

Parenting can really make me mad at myself and others. I need diversions for balance. perhaps more second life at the beach cabin.

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GDAEman said...


Just went to Club Penguin as a non-member. Not one other penguin said hi. Is a penguin invisible until becoming a member?

Observing, a saw lots of "Boy or Girl" quetions. Guess that's to be expected. Must admit, my first visit wasn't too inviting. Not sure it's a place for a 7-yr old.

What do you think? Should I try the one-month membership?