April 16, 2007

Couric's friends? + CBS changing Couric's incorrect Obama essay

So far only one of Katie Couric's friends, and this one is anonymous, has supported her on the web in regard to her plagiairsm case. Read the tip on Media Bistro about someone how heard from a "dear friend and former colleague" that Katie did write the first line from her April 4 video essay "I remember my first trip to the library..." This post, only so far seen on TV Newser on Media Bistro, seems like a very weak support of Couric.

Also...CBS's significant changes to Katie Couric's April 11 video essay about Barack Obama is just starting to surface. Television news never really has had an ombudsman, like print newspapers have, so they never really have to confess to mistakes. From a media observer's point, I'm finding it curious that CBS is now in the print business and has had to correct print mistakes, something they probably wou
ld never have to do in radio or print reports. Clearly they're uncomfortable about it.
Here are a few links:
Huffington Post: More Katie Couric Trouble: Updates Notebook Again After Spreading Debunked Obama Rumor
Couric's "Notebook" rehashed debunked Obama rumors
Wizbangblog on initial problems with the Obama essay spreading material that was proven false.
The GDAEman blog has been following the story closely. I love the graphs from Technorati showing the posts on Katie Couric vs. Don Imus.

Plus, read Couric's January 27 video essay in which she debunks the Obama rumors and
says "Obama was never enrolled in a madrassa." She ends with "Let's resist the temptation to repeat unsourced gossip. Let's fact-check first and broadcast second." Yet, on April 11 she said "That background sparked rumors that he had studied in a radical madrasa, or Koranic school – rumors later disproved . Obama is now a practicing Christian." (this is the changed version) So she is not really following her own advice.

On a ligher and more fun note (away from plagiarism and taxes) ... last night we saw The Decemberists in concert with My Brightest Diamond opening. The first band was ethereal and beautiful: like a cross between Bjork, Jane Siberry, Tori Amos and her own original concept.

The Decemberists are fabulous! Funny, creative, curiously inventive. Rather dark, too, with lyrical long songs about butchers, chimbley sweeps, and pistols. They just don't do a rock concert, they put on a show, complete with a person-eating whale at the end.

Let's just hope the hungry whale isn't a metaphor for things to com.

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